KIN & KILN Storytelling // Photography

I can never seem to find the precise words to describe my approach to photography. The best description I've come up with so far is to say that I consider myself a visual cartographer, a mapper of stories, a collector of moments, a storyteller.

My sessions are photojournalistic in approach. I help people talk more, pose less. Dance more, tilt their chins at precise angles less. If this season of life is a fruitful and vibrant one, I want those colors to come through. If the season brings heaviness and longing, I don't care to tuck it away unseen. Our stories-all the beauty and fruitfulness and laughter and mess and sadness and longing-are wholly beautiful and matter greatly to this world. 

I don't take lightly my privilege to tell your story through my lens. It’s an honor to observe, make space for, and help facilitate meaningful moments of interaction between you and your loved ones. It is my hope that these sessions will provide pinpoints on a map of the story of your lives that help you navigate and remember where you have come from and dream about where you are going.

And, good grief, it can be riotous fun, sometimes.

I Amateur Bird Watcher I own a bird clock... the one that everyone's grandma owns? Yep, that's the one. I used to think cardinals were kitsch, but I lived through a midwest winter and fell in love with their flash of red.
II Sporadic Poetry Writer In college, I found the poems of Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry and they changed the way I look at grasshoppers and trees. I have a running poem in my head and sometimes I write bits of it down on paper.
III Wanna be Bibliophile I can't resist the magnetic pull of the book aisle at thrift stores. I daydream about finding an autographed copy of any one of the books in the Chronicles of Narnia.