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Matt & Anna : Maternity

Baby Milo is not so baby anymore! Remember his epic and beautiful birth story? The birth I drove 5.5hrs with my jaw

A Day in the Life : Friday in November

I cannot tell you how often, recently, I have felt a pang of mourning. My first baby is about to round this full and

A Day in the Life : Wednesday in July

Here are a few moments from today that are sorely undocumented: Yours truly sneaking frozen Trader Joe’s peanut

A Day in the Life : Monday in June

I might just be patting myself on the back for getting this “A Day in the Life” post even on the blog. The

a (half) day in the life : may

It never fails that when you are staying with friends, your children will wake at least 2 hours earlier than normal. In

a day in the life : sunday in march

You may remember last year’s Foto Fifty undertaking, which (let’s just call it like we see it) was more of

retreat : much needed

Spent an unexpectedly warm weekend at the coast with some very lovely ladies.  Over the last year, these girls have

Stephanie & Grover : Maternity

Such a lovely day in the Columbia River Basin…  I couldn’t have asked for a better day!  And isn’t

Lampley Four : Family

I have had the awesome privilege of photographing this family for 5+ years.  They are an absolute hoot to photograph

Nichols… this is how our family grows

This family has grown, since I last photographed them.  They are our beautiful friends and a huge inspiration to my

Big Brothers : Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Call me crazy, but photos like that last one are why I love photography. So real. I couldn’t have posed them

a visit with friends (whereupon sleep eludes us)

Last week I boarded a plane without the rest of my family.  I brought books and music and all sorts of novelties that


So behind in posting!  This is from a shoot in November, and though I don’t know when I will get around to

Faike Family

Met this lovely family a year ago, just a few weeks after Cade was born.  So fun to watch them grow!  


So behind in posting!  This is from a shoot in November, and though I don’t know when I will get around to

Ellie & Addy

I know you wish you could rock hair as awesome as this little cherub!  Who needs bows & frills, when you are this

Angie & Jr : Maternity

I wish that some wise sage had whispered in my ear when I was pregnant with my first daughter, that the definition of

To market, to market : Lifestyle Photography

… to buy a fat pig, er, maybe a couple apples and some amazing local honey. I have truly missed lazy Saturday

Andrew, Kelsee, Drayden… & newly purchased land

Spent the morning with this inspiring family, daydreaming about how to build and develop their new property.  Pigs,